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Written by Wade J. Goodwin - Posted with permission

Originally viewed on Facebook.

Erased from the Contemporary Narrative and Historical Records?

'MOTHER of AZANIA,' Ma Veronica...

BORN Zondeni Veronica Mathe on the 27th, July 1927, in Hlobane in the then province of Natal. She married the man who was fondly known as 'The Professor' Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe on the 6th June 1954, and bore four children, Miliswa, Dinilesizwe, Dalindyebo and Dedanizizwe.

NOW how many of us have heard of 'Ma Veronica' or even know whether she's still alive? At 90-years old, she ekes out an indigent existence on a government pension, unacknowledged, barely recognisable, in a word, erased from the sociohistorical and sociopolitical narrative of contemporary South Africa.

THERE'S no song sung in her honour, no state order for her contribution to the 'struggle,' no poem or book written, no radio and television discussions around her life and times, no public park, building or street named after her.

NO STATUE erected in her honour, no tributes, no public recognition, no film shot portraying her life story, no mention of her in our history books, no journalists beating a pathway to her doorstep and zero recognition by a now thoroughly captured, proselytised and corrupted ANC elite.

'MA AZANIA' epitomises the story of the everyday black African women, who quietly provide the most but ironically and cruelly are destined to remain unrecognised and unacknowledged. A hapless and undeserving fate meted out to the backbone of our nation, the erasure of the African women.

SHAME on us..........perhaps now we as black men can admit how well the Apartheid system has taught us? See, it's teaching and socialization of our own people into a system of inferiority, oppression, dehumanisation and self-loathing is so complete that we've taken up the reigns of 'Internalised Racism' ourselves and first directed it at our own grandmothers, our mothers and our sisters, feeling no shame at all?

THE ANIMUS we direct towards our own women is the one definitive proof of the successes of the Apartheid system as a complete brainwashing solution and instrument of control.

IT WON.................cause we may as well start necklacing them (women) again, like we did to the very first victim back then, who, not too unsurprisingly was a woman...........

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