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Astute Associates 

We deeply value our Astute Associates who partner with us to ensure that we can offer Astute Leaders continuing opportunities to develop the competencies to make their mark on the future. Some of our collaborators help us to promote our solutions. Others have their own high quality offerings which we recommend to our clients. These training programmes, interventions and consultiing services complement ours, deepening leader development and enabling effective implementation of Astute Leader principles within organisations.


Our Ecosystem would be incomplete without the individuals and organisations that we simply LOVE. They don't offer Astute Leader solutions and they don't usually sell for us, but we think people should know about what they do. Absolutely central to this community is our CSI partner, Cotlands, who are wholly invested in developing the Astute Leaders of the next generation. We are passionate about their cause and about this organisation, that has been working with excellence for more than 80 years to help vulnerable children thrive. We are excitedly supporting them as they walk with purpose towards their centenary.

Our Astute Delivery Associates partner with us to offer Astute Leaders additional training and development solutions which add to the depth of their 21st Century Leadership knowledge and its application to real world business challenges. We are very selective about the solutions which we promote expecting our partners to demonstrate academic excellence, creative thinking, engaging methodologies and aligned core beliefs.

Our sales partners are central to this community - individuals and organisations who love selling to business and feel as strongly as we do about Astute Leadership and our cultural values. We'd love to invite you to come and learn with us and to go and rave about what you learn to progressive clients who are eager to lead confidently into the future.

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