We love engaging with and connecting people. One of the best ways for us to do that is through events and workshops. 


We offer a variety of free and paid public events open to individuals, teams and groups. 


To contact us for information about group discounts and more, simply head to the contact us page and fill in the relevant details. 

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Congruent Conversations is a FREE online webinar that takes place every Thursday from 9:20am-10:30am


 Across the globe leaders and people practitioners at every level of organisation are having to step up into a world that has changed dramatically. As lives and businesses are threatened in ways we did not foresee just a few months ago, everyone is reeling. The need for adaptive leadership has never been as great. Neither has the danger of arrogance.


In these short weekly conversations, seasoned facilitators, Alison Gitelson and Janet du Preez will convene focused, provocative thought-sharing conversations between you, the leaders, to bring clarity, support decision-making and envision new and better futures together. 

Meet The Team





Alison is the CEO and Founder of CanBeeDone and works with leaders to find better ways of working, so that they, their teams & the business ALL thrive. 



Janet is the MD of Engagement Dynamics. She helps organisations grow and excel by coaching leaders and delivering highly engaging, transformative change programmes. 

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