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Engagement Dynamics

Wise leadership is craftsmanship.

Engagement Dynamics is a leadership and organisational development company, driven by intentional thinking, deep connection with our clients and delivery-focused action. We support and promote superb strategic leadership, effective engagement of people and dynamic responsiveness to change, complexity and conflict.


Our Story

Engagement Dynamics was born in the natural sciences; in the study of human physiology and psychology. The starting point for all our work is an understanding of people as spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and emotional, beings (SPISE).​Engagement is a whole-person construct. No one is optimally engaged unless they are engaged physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, although it is possible to be partially engaged in some of these individual aspects of personhood.

Our Ethos

We have a pioneering spirit, challenge conventional thinking and understand how to lead people through emergent developmental processes. We love to work as thought partners with our clients; assisting them to figure out and implement adaptive strategies to engage people within a business environment where there are no proven success precedents.


Our Favourite Projects

We build exceptional solutions and relationships to inspire and support courageous future-focused leaders. 


Working With Us

Our transdisciplinary team of subject matter experts and creatives partner with us to craft and deliver impactful, engaging and transformative solutions.


Janet du Preez 

In every situation in which she works, Janet encounters leaders who are honest enough to admit that they are facing challenges and opportunities for which there are no textbook solutions. As individuals, teams, organisations or communities her clients ask her to help them to develop strategies and enhance leadership, to work more effectively together, to navigate major local and systemic challenges and to develop 2020 thinking, executing and relationship-building skills.

Our Team

Our transdisciplinary team of subject matter experts and creatives partner with us to design and deliver impactful, engaging and transformative solutions.

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