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Astute Ecosystem 

The qualities of Astute Leadership are fostered, tried and tested in complex systems. Because of this belief  we're creating a powerful supportive ecosystem to share cutting edge thinking, build key relationships, enhance credibility and ensure that talented people can work together effectively to tackle the huge challenges which confront us and to create a better tomorrow. 

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Astute Alliances

Our Astute Solutions are all focused on developing Astute Leaders equipped to navigate the wicked challenges of the peri-Covid, tech-driven future. We invite anyone who chooses to positively influence that future to join our Astute Alliance community, to learn with us, build deep, meaningful connections and make our mark on tomorrow. Any individual who has been involved in one of our programmes automatically qualifies for Alliance membership and we love continuing our relationship with these Astute Leaders.

Astute Corps

A Corps (pronounced core) is a group of people engaged in an activity. The Astute Corps is an absolutely brilliant group of people, from across the globe, who care deeply about and are involved in the development of Astute Leaders. Members of the Astute Corps are themselves Astute Leaders, with the knowledge and skills to powerfully influence, profoundly deepen insight, provoke interdependence and propel implementation. We are very privileged to know and partner with them.


Astute Associates

We deeply value our Astute Associates who partner with us to ensure that we can offer Astute Leaders continuing opportunities to develop the competencies to make their mark on the future. Some of our collaborators help us to promote our solutions. Others have their own high quality offerings which we recommend to our clients. These training programmes, interventions and consultiing services complement ours, deepening leader development and enabling effective implementation of Astute Leader principles within organisations.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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