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Astute Alliances 

Our Astute Solutions are all focused on developing Astute Leaders equipped to navigate the wicked challenges of the peri-Covid, tech-driven future. We invite anyone who chooses to positively influence that future to join our Astute Alliance community, to learn with us, build deep, meaningful connections and make our mark on tomorrow. Any individual who has been involved in one of our programmes automatically qualifies for Alliance membership and we love continuing our relationship with these Astute Leaders.


Alumni of our wonderful women's events are all invited to join the Astute Women's Alliance. This gives you the opportunity to continue to connect with our expert speakers and to further the inspiring conversations which you initiated there. It is our great hope that this community will increasingly encourage women across the globe to develop their Astute Leader competencies and to become more influential, insightful and interdependent implementers of congruent, transformative strategies.

As one of our coaching clients you automatically become eligible for membership of the Astute Coachee Alliance. It's never great when a meaningful coaching process ends and we love the fact that we can now keep in touch with the incredible Astute Leaders with whom we have worked. Through this forum we continue to share growth-focused, strengths-based thoughts and challenges with you. We also appreciate the opportunity to keep our finger on the pulse of the challenges confronting leaders so that we can better tailor our solutions.

Membership of the Astute Leader Alliance gives you the opportunity to connect with our thought leaders and facilitators as you implement leadership learnings in the real world. You can also network and develop your thinking with other powerful leaders. Our mission is to support you in your quest to develop greater influence and insight, to foster deeper interdependence and to become outstanding implementers tackling the massive changes, complexities and conflicts of this peri-Covid, tech-rich season.

Our progessive clients are central to this community - systemic, emergent, progressive thinkers who invite us to co-design and implement exciting organisational change initiatives or to help them navigate increasingly complex and wicked challenges. If you are a leader or internal consultant responsible for building an astute organisation, we'd love to invite you to join the Astute Consulting Alliance. Come and learn with us and "write the textbook" on how to navigate the disruptive, emergent future.

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