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Our Astute DeSign team co-creates processes for engaging, developing and training people. Working closely with our clients, subject matter experts and creatives, we craft courses, workshops and learning programmes to weave growth and change into the fabric of daily work life.


If you truly believe that people are central to the success of your organisation, then this is the most important time to demonstrate that in practice, and to harness and engage their willing contribution. Whether you need to help people feel safer, create mechanisms to really hear them, design new training interventions, develop connection between remote workers, build energy around your strategy, rapidly empower individuals to lead and coach remote teams, create just-in-time online learning materials or inculcate a revitalised organisational culture which better suits the new reality, our subject matter experts and creatives can help you.


We love co-designing transformative strategies with our clients. It is so great when a client says "We want to........ Can you help us figure out how?" The answer is always "Yes" if we feel it is an engagement challenge. We're observing that clients are increasingly interested in exploring new ways of leading people and organisations and we are experts at helping them to devise new strategies and processes that yield the results they are seeking. 

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