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Our Story

Engagement Dynamics was founded in 2007 by Janet du Preez and registered in 2012 with the name "Tools of  Greatness". The company's ethos is inextricably linked to Janet's story and the roots of our  business philosophy and practice go back to the 1960s. Here's some of the story....

1960s - Art, Science and Organisations

Janet was born into a family of high- achieving medical practitioners, accountants and artists. Each of these genetic roots find expression in what Engagement Dynamics offers to our clients. 

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1970s - 5 Aspects of Personhood

First encountering whole person theory at an incredible school in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia then), Janet thrived, learning that  physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual pursuits all had value and collectively made people complete and life meaningful.

1980s - People and Diversity

In 1981, with South Africa still deep in Apartheid, Janet had the incredible privilege of living and working with a cross-cultural team of youth workers in some of the most rural parts of the country. This experience deeply entrenched in her the value of all humanity, the courage and brilliance of our most vulnerable people and the importance of change. 

1980s - Complex Dynamic Systems

Studying a BSc Nursing degree followed by most of a psychiatric specialist masters, Janet learned the marvels of physiology, to understand and listen to people, the value of a transformative milieu and how to read and lead in complex dynamic systems, respond to crises and understand pain and loss.

1990s - Walking the Talk

From 1989 to 2001, Janet and her husband Jean fostered, adopted and birthed their 5 incredible children, She read voraciously, studied and lived and learned business leadership, strategy and organisational effectiveness while working in the health sector, entrepreneurial business, retail and financial services.

2000s - Inspired by Disaster

Watching the twin towers burn and living through the aftermath, Janet resolved to build a legacy business to support courageous leaders. Tools of Greatness launched in March 2007 It was not an overnight success. Having something really valuable to share with the world was not enough. A lack of clear vision, resources and the courage to sell meant plenty of learning and character building. 

2010s - Building a System

From 2007 to 2019 the big rocks of the business formed. Janet trained with the first cohort of strengths-based coaches in South Africa. She developed the Dynamic Engagement Framework and codified the Drivers of Greatness. The associate network grew as she served her industry in the SAODN and consulted in some of her favourite projects.

2020 - Identity and Team

2020 launched with a vision for building team and building a new brand in the 4th Industrial Revolution, and then........ Covid-19. The challenges of this year refocused Janet on the massive challenges emerging in radically different realities and the need for Astute Leader development and the creation of a community of Astute Practitioners.

2021 - Astute Leaders

Engagement Dynamics' new identity coincides with the new future to be dramatically shaped by Covid-19 and the exponential expansion of technological influence. Focusing on the support and development of Astute Leaders , we're ready to help them to apply 21st Century skills  to strategise and engage people to navigate the new realities and create a better tomorrow.

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