Individual coaching packages are always specially designed for each person, based on your budget and coaching goals. Among other things you might want to focus on:

• Figuring out how to navigate changes.
• Making important decisions.
• Developing a plan to tackle challenges.
• Setting and achieving goals.
• Understanding and engaging your strengths.
• Making career changes.
• Improving your work performance.
• Improving relationships.
• Becoming more emotionally intelligent.
• Having more personal impact.

Our most popular programmes 

Meet the coach

"I highly recommend Janet. The process she followed and tools she used, created an enlightening and truly valuable experience. Her personal and professional touch were well measured and enriched the entire process. It was incredibly valuable and enabled me to better understand my strengths, how to harness these and utilise them to improve both my professional and personal spheres of influence." 

Peter - Bank Executive

Janet is very present in the moment using her active listening skills to positively reinforce me as a person who really matters. In a recent coaching session she used her effective listening and discerning questioning skills to distil the main points of my message and get to the heart of the problem, enabling me to reorder priorities.

MD - Training Company

Customise a coaching session

We can customise a coaching session to suit you! let us know what you're looking for and we will give you a quote - it's easy! 

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