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Engagement Dynamics

Engagement Dynamics is a leadership and organisational development company, driven by intentional thinking, deep connection with our clients and delivery-focused action. We support and promote superb, strategic, astute leadership, effective engagement of people and dynamic responsiveness to change, complexity and conflict.


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Janet du Preez

Janet helps leaders to navigate the unchartered demands of a rapidly changing and unpredictable world. Never in our modern history has this been more relevant. 

Her competence rests on her deep understanding of people and how business success depends on organisations  crafted to deliver on their strategy and inhabited at all levels by astute leaders who nurture and enact a powerful and effective set of cultural norms. 


Janet's MSc in the Management of Technology and Innovation explored collaborative stakeholder engagement in the context of wicked problems. She is a skilled strategist, process designer, speaker, facilitator and executive coachHer leadership and consulting experience and previous studies in health sciences, psychology and business have equipped her well to serve clients in the emerging technologically-driven Imaginable Next.

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Engagement Dynamics

Engagement Dynamics was founded by Janet du Preez in 2007 to help leaders create more effective 21st Century organisations. We maximise the strategic and solutioning impact of highly pressured people leading in the current crucible of complexity, change and conflict by:

  • Mobilising 21st Century leader skills.

  • Revitalising disconnected, disjointed and dysfunctional teams.

  • Igniting exceptional thinking skills.

  • Optimising engagement and minimising cultural entropy.

  • Identifying, honing and targeting leader strength and competence.

  • Crafting and implementing bold strategic and development plans.

  • Enhancing the holistic well-being of people and organisations. 

Leadership and Organisational Development Consultant/ Strategist/ Process designer/ Speaker, Facilitator and Executive coach

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