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FOCUSED Bundle [6 sessions 1 payment of R13 340]

The 6-session Astute Leader FOCUSED coaching bundle offers an intensive, directed series of personal interactions aimed at supporting targeted growth for 21st Century leaders. The process commences with the completion of a world-renowned strengths assessment. Coaching explores the impact of your strengths on a specific challenge or opportunity on which you choose to focus.


Your Astute Leadership coach will assist you to clarify your goals, encourage deep personal insight, challenge underlying assumptions, develop your competence and support the implementation of your action plans.


  • The Astute Leader FOCUSED Coaching bundle includes:
    World-renowned strengths assessment – reveals full 34 strengths.
  • 6 coaching sessions focused on a key leadership development objective, challenge or opportunity.


Alternative bundles which you can consider include:

  • The Astute Leader FOUNDATION Coaching bundle
    • 8 sessions to develop leader competence for select challenges or opportunities.
  • The Astute Leader INTENSIVE Coaching bundle
    • 12 sessions to develop leader competence for longer-term objectives.


Payment Options:

  • Full payment up-front: R13 340 (VAT incl.)
  • Split payments: 2 x R7 170 (VAT incl.)

FOCUSED Bundle [6 sessions 1 payment of R13 340]

R13 340,00Price
  • Payment Terms

    Full payment now - R13 340.

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