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Astute Thinking

A increasingly participative, diverse and interconnected world which presents complex, dynamic problems  requires leaders to develop and foster innovative solutions, to apply critical thinking to making vital decisions and to think collectively. But these are not commonly taught skills.

Maximising the impact of people leading in the current crucible of complexity, change and conflict, by...

Igniting exceptional thinking skills.

In partnership with Kemble Elliott.....

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Our Astute Thinking programmes support

  • Optimal interactions

  • Intuitive sense-making

  • Effective decision-making

  • Choice-making

  • Expanding possibilities

  • Considering future scenarios

  • Learning

  • Mitigating complex problems

  • Adapting with agility

  • Taking initiative

  • Innovating solutions

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Dynamic Engagement Framework

Our proprietary Dynamic Engagement Framework© provides a useful sense-making frame for exploring and shifting engagement, culture and performance. 

Astute Implementation Guide

The Astute Implementation Guide is our transformational roadmap. We use it to structure our interventions and to enable individuals, teams and organisations to navigate their  developmental journeys.

Strengths Assessment

The powerful strengths assessment we like to include in all our strategic interventions identifies the innate talents and wiring that is central to how people engage with their world. 

Engagement Landscape Square.jpg
Engagement Landscape

Our research led us to develop the Engagementt Landscape as an alternative to the traditional Engagement Continuum. It helps our clients to understand disengagement at a more granular level and to identify what needs to change in order to increase engagement. 

Astute DeSign Framework

The Astute DeSign Framework is a roadmap for emergent design and organisational strategy in a volatile environment. It has been influenced by Design Thinking and Lean Start-up Methodology

Our Coaching Ethos

Our Coaching Ethos defines coaching and outlines the role of a coach. We also explain how we use the Drivers of Greatness to assist our clients to achieve their goals.

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