Team coaching packages are co-designed with the team leader and advisors, where appropriate. They vary from one-off development sessions to long-term partnering aimed at significantly increasing team effectiveness. Among other areas, team leaders might elect to focus on:

• Developing or implementing a departmental strategy.
• Clarifying roles and responsibilities or refining ways of working.
• Navigating or driving departmental change or growth of skills and knowledge.
• Achieving a team objective or improving results.
• Deepening commitment and engagement.
• Understanding and overcoming performance obstacles.
• Harnessing or developing collaborative potential.
• Increasing teaming competence, fostering diversity or mitigating conflict.
• Enhancing team communication, cohesion and inclusion.
• Making critical decisions.

Our most popular programmes

Meet the coach

"Not only did the workshop provide a structured framework to reflect on what we each bring to the team and association, but it also presented us with a safe space in which to engage our strengths and struggles. It also served as a team building session. We would highly recommend Janet du Preez and Engagement Dynamics."

MD - Industry Association.

"Janet shows ongoing understanding and insight into the challenges face by a management team both from an operational and from a socio-dynamic perspective. She is able to engender strategy-driven outcomes while remaining fluid in an ever-changing environment and instilling confidence in the leadership team's ability to perform."

Office Manager - IT Company.

Customise a coaching session

We can customise a coaching session to suit you! let us know what you're looking for and we will give you a quote - it's easy! 

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