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Team Coaching

Team coaching packages are co-designed with the team leader and advisors, where appropriate. They vary from one-off development sessions to long-term partnering aimed at significantly increasing team effectiveness. Among other areas, team leaders might elect to focus on:

• Developing or implementing a departmental strategy.
• Clarifying roles and responsibilities or refining ways of working.
• Navigating or driving departmental change or growth of skills and knowledge.
• Achieving a team objective or improving results.
• Deepening commitment and engagement.
• Understanding and overcoming performance obstacles.
• Harnessing or developing collaborative potential.
• Increasing teaming competence, fostering diversity or mitigating conflict.
• Enhancing team communication, cohesion and inclusion.
• Making critical decisions.

Our most popular programmes

Meet the coach

Janet has been working with teams and groups since the early 1990s and passionately believes in the importance of collaborative work. She deeply values diversity but also recognises the challenges which differences elicit. In her team coaching work, Janet focuses on assisting members to understand themselves and each other, to find ways of working more effectively and strategically together and to navigating the changes, complexities and conflicts which are inherent to interaction and co-working. She strongly encourages adult-adult communications and fosters mutual respect and interdependence and the application of sound business and relational principles.