People Practitioners   

People practitioners in Organisational Development, Human Resources or even Line Leadership are navigating completely unchartered territory, especially in the context of Covid19. No one has written the definitive guide into that future or designed the resolution of the complex and wicked problems which confront you daily. No matter your level of skill or responsibility you are probably faced with massive challenges that may sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, conflicted or confused. Our seasoned people practitioner coaches understand your environment and provide alternative perspectives and thought support as you:

• Develop people-focused strategies and implementation plans.
• Support digital and other transformations.
• Design interventions for the new world of work.
• Redesign and implement performance enablement.
• Facilitate and coach.
• Drive and support change.
• Restructure and build teams.
• Reinvent learning.
• Sustain culture.
• Advise leaders.

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Meet the coach

"Janet is a pillar of strength in the OD community and a voice of wisdom. Her passion for strategic people development and organisational success together with her insatiable lifelong learning energy make her such a valuable college to have in one’s network. Janet brings diversity of thinking into every dialogue and her energy and dynamic nature is infectious."

Retired Global Head of OD - Multinational Manufacturing Company.

"Your subject matter expertise in the various sub-fieldds of Organisational Development is solid and up to date and I appreciated that you could guide the team (of OD professionals) on a content level when confusion and disagreement arose. One thing that stood out for me  was your level of self-awareness and your vigilance about your impact on the team. I am always delighted when an OD professional actually practices what they preach."

Past Chairman Aacdemic Board, Project Lead on OD Higher Certificate Design.

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