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People Practitioner Coaching

People practitioners in Organisational Development, Human Resources or even Line Leadership are navigating completely unchartered territory, especially in the context of Covid19. No one has written the definitive guide into that future or designed the resolution of the complex and wicked problems which confront you daily. No matter your level of skill or responsibility you are probably faced with massive challenges that may sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, conflicted or confused. Our seasoned people practitioner coaches understand your environment and provide alternative perspectives and thought support as you:

• Develop people-focused strategies and implementation plans.
• Support digital and other transformations.
• Design interventions for the new world of work.
• Redesign and implement performance enablement.
• Facilitate and coach.
• Drive and support change.
• Restructure and build teams.
• Reinvent learning.
• Sustain culture.
• Advise leaders.

Our most popular programmes

Meet the coach

Janet is a respected member of the Organisational Development community with very solid business acumen. Her years of leadership, people development and facilitation experience, deep knowledge of the field and strong associate network all provide a solid foundation from which to coach people practitioners, especially those who are relatively new to the field. Janet's commitment to excellence in the profession and the transfer of skills positions her ideally to foster, support and encourage the growth of fellow practitioners. Years spent designing and delivering high quality, engaging interventions have equipped her well to challenge practitioners to up the ante and deliver outstanding, results-focused services to their organisations or clients. Her work is always rooted in a solid academic foundation, but is highly practical and focused on strategic delivery. People practitioners find her to be a valuable sounding board and an insightful mentor.