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Influential Woman - Questions Pave the Way

We live in the world our questions create

David Cooperrider

I find this quotation deliciously provocative. I have been honing the art of asking questions for more than 30 years. As a young student I discovered that really great questions were the key to change and learning. Sometimes I am called the "Queen of Questions". Here are a couple for you to think about.

· Why do you want to be an influential woman?

· Why should you not be a more influential woman?

· What prevents you from being bolder?

· In which unique ways are you gifted to be benevolent?

· Which questions will craft the world you want to create?

If you can possibly join me and other like-minded women, on 28 September, I would love to explore questions like these with you, at an event that is going to be artful, thought-provoking and deeply developmental. Click here for more details

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