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Influential Woman - Tinevimbo Matambanadzo

Tinevimbo Matambanadzo is an extraordinarily bold, brave and boundless woman. I came across her amazing story on the UNISA website. Not only did Tinevimbo graduate with a BA in Community and Health Psychology but she graduated cum laude whilst coping with stage 4 endometriosis, writing a book and running not one but two NGOs. Tine's medical condition has lasted 10 years and is so severe that she has bled, without reprieve for periods of up to 2 years, with pain so extreme at times that she had to take injectable pain killers.

Despite all this, her greatest joy comes from helping others. Her As I Am Foundation assists underprivileged people to become financially free by making vocational skills like (craft making, beauty therapy courses, jewellery making and agriculture) available to them, advocating against sexual violence and creating awareness for sexual reproductive health. Zimbabwe Endometriosis Support offers support and advice and promotes endometriosis awareness. What an amazing example of overcoming in the face of immense obstacles.

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