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Astute Women Exclusive Events

Our Astute Women Exclusives are paid events, hosted in-person at very special luxury venues.. Group sizes are limited for deeper and more meaningful connection.  Learning is focused on  Strengths-based Leading of Self and is especially affirming and encouraging in a season when so much is being asked of those who influence and serve others. We do not believe that you need a title to lead, so if you love to grow others and to solve important problems, then you are definitely invited.

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17 December 2021
08h00 - 17h00

Astute Women Exclusive:

Astute Women Exclusives are masterfully designed and hosted by Janet du Preez, a deeply experienced leadership and organisational development coach and consultant, who skilfully fosters not just psychological safety, but a profoundly generative milieu. There are no formal presentations, although Janet will share useful models and frameworks. Rather, the entire day is structured around you, based on exercises which encourage insightful, personal reflection and rich, affirming interactions. 

This will be the BEST way for women who lead to end 2021. Come and

  • Reflect and learn

  • Connect with wonderful leaders

  • Celebrate yourself and others, and

  • Experience beauty, luxury and nurture.


  • World-renowned strengths assessment.

  • Workbook.

  • Light breakfast and lunch.

  • Soft drink at lunch.

  • VAT

Optional extra (please select relevant option below

  • One-on-one coaching post event 

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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

The Astute Women Exclusive Ethos

So many strong, capable and influential women focus most of their energy enriching, supporting and serving others. They occupy incredibly demanding roles, often carry huge additional personal responsibilities and also navigate the challenges of inequities and restrictive social norms.


Originally called "Me Time Retreats", Astute Women Exclusives were birthed to provide a very special learning milieu, especially for women like these, who put the needs of others ahead of their own, influencing others irrespective of their titles or roles, women who, because they choose to lead, provide way more personal nurture and care to others than they receive themselves.

Janet wanted to create a place where these women could

  • Connect deeply and meaningfully with like-minded leaders, 

  • Gain personal insight,

  • Be affirmed, spoilt and restored, 

  • Develop Astute Leading qualities, becoming more effective and better equipped to deal with the massive challenges which they face in their real worlds, and 

  • Celebrate beauty, wisdom, courage and strength.


More than a decade later, as the challenges of digital transformation and the peri-covid context batter leaders physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, these events affirm value, inspire new vision, re-energise  effort and deepen courage.

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Janet du Preez

Janet du Preez helps leaders to navigate the unchartered demands of a rapidly changing and unpredictable world. Never in our modern history has this been more relevant. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Engagement Dynamics, a strategist, executive coach, engagement protagonist and organisational development consultant. 

Of all the exciting and engaging work which Janet gets to do, these deeply meaningful, intimate learning events are her favourite. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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