‚ÄčJanet du Preez

Janet is a very versatile leadership development practitioner with strong business acumen; a passionate, provocative and creative thinker who is at her best partnering with courageous leaders to co-create thriving 21st Century organisations. She is constantly alert for good people, good ideas and good systems which can be made even more effective. 

Currently completing an MSc in the Management of Innovation and Technology and with a background in health sciences, psychology and business, Janet is uniquely qualified to understand people and the practical systems which underlie behaviour and outcomes. Her broad-based work experience includes leading in governmental, non-profit and volunteer organisations, small, medium and corporate businesses, service and trade enterprises, retail, financial and medical industries. As a result, the perspective which she brings to senior leadership training, facilitation, coaching and consulting is systemic, practical and focused on sustainable application. 

Against the background of this diverse business experience, Janet has developed a particular interest in enabling the growth and effectiveness of leaders. She emphatically believes that business is about people and that leaders are responsible for creating organisations that inspire people and enable them to deliver optimally. Janet’s insight into individual and organisational change extends beyond static models and frames and she uses her well-honed coaching, facilitation, process development and strategic consulting skills to engage talent, passion, insight and action in pursuit of great leadership, meaningful interaction, effective systems and strategic effectiveness.


Janet is the developer of the Dynamic Engagement Framework© and Art of Greatness Guide©.  She is founder of Engagement Dynamics and loves to work in collaboration with others. Janet has been extensively involved with the South African Organisation Development Network and the Flourish! OD Conference for 6 years and was on the Academic Board of Worldsview Academy for Organisational Change from 2011 to 2014. She has served on the Board of Cotlands, as an Organisational Development Consultant, since 2012 and was a member of a co-operative PhD research group studying complexity and spirituality in the workplace from 2013 to 2014. She speaks regularly at local conferences and events on a range of topics, including:

  • Engagement and Leadership

  • Whole Person Wellness 

  • Collaboration

  • Congruent Capitalism

  • Leading in the Digital Economy

  • Organising for Scale

  • Women in Leadership


Our executive consulting team are all seasoned practitioners and researchers from a range of disciplines. Most have executive business leadership experience in addition to their subject matter expertise. 


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