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Astute Teams Coaching Comprehensive

  • 60 hr
  • R183 000
  • Location to be discussed

Service Description

Astute Teams Coaching is designed to support your team as they strive to achieve new outcomes or deal with the massive changes, complexities and conflicts characterising the volatile world into which they have been thrust in 2020.The process is underpinned by the completion of a world-renowned strengths assessment and a leadership assessment. Coaching explores the impact of your strengths on the challenge or opportunity on which you choose to focus. The Astute Teams coach assists you to align around your goals, understand each other, explore collective performance challenges, improve collaboration and communication, develop new ways of working and the implement your action plans. The PLUS and COMPREHENSIVE options provide more detailed strengths assessments, leadership assessments and additional coaching and support sessions for more in depth understanding and consideration. Pricing for Astute Teams packages is based on a 12-person team. Adjustments may be made for smaller and larger groups. The BASIC Astute Team Coaching package includes: • World-renowned strengths assessment for 12 people – reveals top 5 strengths. • 2 full day or 4 half day team coaching sessions focused on team development goals. The PLUS option adds: • A full 34 strengths report. • 2 additional full day or 4 half day’s coaching sessions focused on leadership development and business goals. The COMPREHENSIVE option adds: • Team shadowing and feedback for 2 months – 60 to 70 hours of involvement with team members. For a cheaper or less comprehensive package consider the Astute Teams BASIC or PLUS packages.

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