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Who's Coming Back? - A Question with Profound Implications

10 questions about how we've changed.

Janet du Preez and Mike Truelock

Elon Musk is not the only leader deciding who’s coming back to the workplace as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. However, the “Who’s coming back?” question has far more profound implications for leaders than which individuals will need to resume their daily commute.

The more interesting “Who’s coming back?” question focuses on who we all are as the pandemic dribbles into obscurity, who we will see when our masks come off? Whether we never went to work from home, continue to work from home, will no longer work from home, or no longer have work, none of us is the same as we were in January 2020. We have all been changed by this experience, and who’s coming back matters because it may deeply affect organisational dynamics such as culture, engagement, leader practices and performance.

10 key questions will help #AstuteLeaders to understand who’s coming back and help #AstuteTeams to reconnect with one another.

· What new beliefs do employees have?

· How have employee values, motivations and intentions changed?

· What new social expectations have employees developed?

· How have employee relationships with family, colleagues and customers changed?

· How have power and dependence dynamics shifted for employees?

· How have employees’ practical or financial circumstances changed?

· What emotional impact have employees experienced?

· What fears and anxieties have employees developed?

· What have employees discovered or learned?

· How have employee thinking habits or skills shifted?

We’re crafting customised reconnection workshops to help leaders and teams to answer these and related questions. Contact Janet if you’d like to find out more.

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