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Influential Woman - Favourite Women Authors

This is a combination of confession and critical commentary. I set out to write a post promoting some of my favourite women writers. What I saw in my library shocked me. No more than a handful of the hundreds of books which have most influenced my thinking about organisations, leadership and business are written by women. WOW!!! This has not happened by design. I simply choose books that interest me. If I relay to you the books which have impacted me most profoundly they are mostly written by men  or occasionally by a woman with a man (whose name usually comes first on the reference). When I probed this a little I discovered that the majority of popular business and leadership books are written by men. So,

  • Firstly, I apologise to the women authors out there for not being more deliberate in choosing to read your writings!

  • Secondly, ladies, more of us need to be writing books that will be taken seriously in the leadership environment.

  • Thirdly, I am committing to reading at least one woman-authored book to every three male-authored books and to promoting the best ones to others!

  • Finally, here are some outstanding women-authored books that I have read. Can I inspire you to read these and help me to find others? There's a post dated 20 August on the Engagement Dynamics LinkedIn page where you can make suggestions. 

  • Liz Wiseman:  Multipliers and Rookie Smarts

  • Pamela Meyer: From Workplace to Playspace

  • Teresa Amabile (with Steven Kramer): The Progress Principle

  • Lisa Lahey (with Robert Kegan): Immunity to Change and An Everyone Culture

  • Brene Brown: Daring Greatly and Rising Strong (and of course she has others!!)

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