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Influential Woman - Shirley Zinn

Since her youth, Professor Shirley Zinn has refused to be limited by the circumstance of her birth, an empty wallet, the constraints of geography or searing soul pain.

Her incredibly impressive academic and business successes have been realised through transcending from the Cape Flats to Harvard, from poverty to generosity, from adolescent with a purpose to a slew of accolades and awards, from educator to author from heartbreak to bringing healing to others. No barrier has stood in her way.

Shirley had parental support and faith, the input of wise mentors and opportunity to assist and her resilience, perseverance and determination have been recognised as contributors to her success. In my interactions with her however, I have come to believe that there is something more. Most significant to me is that through it all she exhibits warmth, humility, depth of character and generosity of spirit which seem to be of more value to her than all the tangible achievements. I am curious to see what is next for this Boundless Woman.

Learn more about Shirley in this article or podcast.

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