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Challenges in the Engagement Context

In the last eight posts about the Dynamic Engagement Framework (see Featured Posts), I have explained different uses of the term engagement, the centrality of choice and agency in engagement and the engagement palette. I have emphasised the dynamic nature of engagement and implied that the context in which engagement occurs contributes to this dynamism. In this post I will discuss some of the dynamic factors which influence engagement.

In the post entitled, The Dynamics of the Engagement Palette, I discussed the macro and micro context of engagement. Within these contexts, three key dynamic challenges influence the degree of investment which people make: change, complexity and conflict. Every individual has unique and variable tolerance for these three forms of challenge. Each situation of change, complexity or conflict poses the potential to threaten or to reward the individual. If the challenge is perceived to be potentially rewarding the individual can be expected to increase their level of personal investment. If the challenge is potentially threatening then the individual may withhold investment and be “not engaged”: disengaged, compulsive or depleted.