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Engaging us All

Engagement requires complementary intentions, meaningful connection and synergistic action.

Engagement is impossible if we do not seek win-win. We have to figure out how to help each other achieve the value we desire.

Engagement is impossible if we do not connect practically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. We must listen to one another, seek to understand, act with integrity, discover each others' strengths, value our differences and forge a future for the benefit of all.

Engagement is impossible if we fail to act in order to strengthen our interactions and to move to the attainment of our collective goals. We are not engaged when we do nothing. To be engaged we must invest ourselves physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually in the interactions which will ensure our mutual prosperity.

In the midst of a world of challenge....

We must engage in a world fraught with change, complexity and conflict. These inevitable forces threaten or reward each one of us individually. We each strive for returns on our investments of ourselves that satisfy our physical, social, emotional, intellectual or spiritual needs or longings.As agents with choice we move away or towards our volatile world seeking to protect ourselves and those we love, drawing on the resilience which is fuelled by supportive resources and our fellow agents.

To exercise our agency optimally we must live with purpose, demonstrate character. listen intently to every part of our world and behave like adults. We must hone our knowledge and skills, tap into our greatest talents and share our resources. We must experiment and allow failure, hone our processes and build a mutually beneficial community. Above all we must lead ourselves and develop egalitarian influence.

The question is HOW?

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