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Astute Women Events

Our Astute Women Events are specially crafted to showcase leadership thinking aligned with each of the four Astute Leader competencies. Six times a year we line up 8 Pecha Kucha presentations and 2 keynotes, interspersing meaningful and transformative breakout conversations and a few other surprises.

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8 Oct 2022
14h00 - 16h30

Astute Women Event:

Astute Women Events showcase a line-up of high impact, thought leaders speaking about 21st Century leadership based on our Astute Leader Framework (see below). The event is hosted by Janet du Preez, a mastermind in creativity, facilitation and programme design.


As the challenges of digital transformation and the peri-covid context continue to present leaders with galeforce headwinds, this event will inspire vision, encourage adventure and fuel action.


The Perspective schedule draws together a panel of fascinating leaders presenting 5-minute high impact Pecha Kuchas or 10 minute keynote presentations. Great connections with other leaders in breakout conversations, online whiteboarding exercises and other activities combine to create a really meaningful and enriching afternoon.

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