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Astute Speaker Corps Member

Janet du Preez

Janet du Preez

Engagement Dynamics founder, Janet du Preez, is a Global KeyNote Women Speaker. These inspirational, thought-leaders and experienced, accomplished speakers are hand-picked talented women leaders, entrepreneurs and subject-matter experts. Janet is honoured to be counted in their number. 

Keynote Presentation

Astute Leading 

Janet du Preez packs every one of her presentations and workshops with powerful insight developed over 4 decades of leading. She shares her deep understanding of people and specialist knowledge of engagement and complex problem-solving to challenge, inform, inspire and encourage everyone to lead.


Never in our lifetime has there been a greater need for outstanding leadership and 

societal impact. Before Covid19, leaders across the globe were fixated on the disruption 

rolling out with the 4th Industrial Revolution. Little did we know how quickly those changes 

would seem tame, in light of this complex challenge and the wicked problems it would exacerbate.


Leaders must be able to understand and navigate indefinite realities, to be able  to enrol and deeply engage people across shifting boundaries, to think more critically, creatively, and cross-functionally, and to apply radically new strategic approaches for rapid deployment and scaled growth.


As decision-making and response time-frames contract, those who choose to influence will need to be increasingly astute and able to instinctively and intuitively make highly effective choices based on transdisciplinary learning, rooted in a deeply entrenched but constantly emerging way of being, encompassed in the 4 critical androrithms that underpin Astute, Intuitive Leading.


Sample Speaker Material

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Engagement Dynamics was born in the natural sciences; in the study of human physiology and psychology. The starting point for all our work is an understanding of people as physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual beings.
​Engagement is a whole person construct. No one is optimally engaged unless they are engaged physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, although it is possible to be partially engaged in some of these individual aspects of personhood.

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Unedited Astute Event Audio Content

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Additional Subjects

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Based on her extensive knowledge and insight into people and business systems, Janet can customise presentation on a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to..

  • Dynamic Engagement - Employee, customer, learner, user, stakeholder

  • Wicked Problems

  • Influence

  • Thinking skills - Critical thinking, sense-making, creativity and innovation, 

  • Collaboration

  • Enrolling people

  • Messaging and Storying

  • Listening

  • Understanding people

  • Strengths-based development

  • Strengths-based teams

  • Team and organisational effectiveness

  • Organisational culture

  • Decision-making and intuition

  • Choice theory and its application

  • Foundations and Application of Astute Design

  • Designing for Scale

  • Facilitation Skills

  • Adept Implementation

  • 4IR

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Commission a Keynote Address  

Janet will customise a presentation to suit your event or business context! Let us know what you're looking for and we will give you a quote - it's easy! Click below to give us the relevant details. 

Janet du Preez Cotlands Pic 1_edited.jpg
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