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A Very Special Leadership Development Event for Women

The world in which we live has transformed into a digitally-connected reality where people can engage with one another from all around the globe. Organisations need to remain competitive in a world of digitization, globalisation and access to knowledge. In this context, leadership in organisations necessitates collaborative and cooperative engagements. Leadership models depict how leaders should empower their employees by allowing them to make mistakes, develop and grow organically and perform in flexible working environments. Similarly, leadership also requires strong ethics and values and ongoing personal transformation.

With all the expansions we see in the world, one burning issue is the cultivation of women in leadership roles. Recent trends show that more women have taken up leadership roles in organisations. Global women of influence include Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Suze Orman. Women from all around the world are being empowered to improve their current reality and climb the ranks of an organisations structure.

At Engagement Dynamics, the notions of empowerment, engagement and transformation are very dear to us. We are thus proud to announce a unique event specifically tailored to support a deep developmental exploration for women who are already senior leaders in their organisation or are aspiring to be leaders. This event is also geared to assist women with the high-pressure challenges they face on a daily basis and allowing them to foreground their own inherent strengths.

Come and join this wonderful experience, networking with other women who are faced with the same challenges.

When: 9 April 2018

Where: Morrells Boutique Venue, Northcliff

Time: 08h00 – 17h00

Investment: R3500
Bookings close 5 April 2018
Rate includes the full workshop experience in a very tasteful venue, a Strengths finder assessment, 2 delicious meals, and teas.
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