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The "People Pilot" - Coaching for People Practitioners

As a People Practitioner working in Organisational Development, Human Resources or even Line Leadership in the early 21st Century, you are navigating completely unchartered territory. No one has ever been into the world of work that lies ahead. No one has written the definitive guide into that future or designed the resolution of the wicked problems which confront you on a daily basis. 


Your choice to work in the people development environment probably says a lot about your growth-focus, willingness to take on a challenge, belief in possibility, resilience and tenacity.


No matter your level of skill or responsibility you are probably faced with massive challenges that may sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, torn or confused. Sometimes you probably just need some time to process, to think and to consider alternative insights and perspectives. 

A ship's pilot comes alongside and gets on board a ship to help the captain decide how to navigate through unfamiliar waters. The pilot prefers not take command of the ship. Generally, she simply shares her knowledge of the marine landscape, provides guidance and a sounding board for the captain to test his plans within safe parameters. Under difficult circumstances she may take the helm but never has ultimate authority.

Launch Special (First 10 clients)
3 x 60 minute individual coaching sessions via Skype or Zoom.
Basic People Practitioner Package
6 x 60 minute individual coaching sessions  either face-to-face or via Skype or Zoom.  
Face-to-face:     R2500 per session OR R10000 if paid in full before starting
Online:                R1200 per session OR R6000 if paid in full before starting
Janet du Preez loves the role of "People Pilot," assisting leaders to navigate the complexities of creating future-fit organisations. A pioneering spirit, voracious curiosity about leadership and the digital economy, strong business acumen, executive and coaching experience enable her to serve practitioners with practical, intelligent mentorship and coaching support.
Janet's background in psychology, business leadership and the South African OD community enables her to understand the challenges which confront people practitioners and to create a powerful thinking environment for them to reflect on the wicked problems which they encounter and the exciting challenges which they get to support. 
As a passionate believer in the critical role of Organisational and People Development, Janet is committed to the growth of the profession, through collaboration, thought-leadership and knowledge-sharing
Video - Radically New (Disrupt 2018)
The Disrupt format prescribes 20 slides in 5 minute - and no speaker control. This video illustrates Janet's insight into the emerging world of work and an application of her Art of Greatness Guide. (You may want to turn your volume low to start with).
Video - Janet Coaching (2018)
This one minute introduction gives you an overview of Janet's coaching approach, experience and perspectives. 

I would highly endorse Janet as a personal and business coach.


Janet has a vast understanding and knowledge of business development skills and has been able to remain an independent, insightful advisor to me as a leader, of how to focus on the important areas of role responsibility that will be instrumental for taking the business forward. She is always available to listen and in many work-related discussions, she has been able to help me to see things from a different perspective and open up my thinking to address various issues. Through a very effective business tool, ‘Strengthsfinder’ for identifying personal talents, Janet has also used my identified strengths to guide me in the right direction.


Janet is very present in the moment using her active listening skills to positively reinforce me as a person who really matters. In a recent coaching session, where I expressed my feelings of being overwhelmed with leadership responsibilities and where I felt confused in my thinking, she showed that with her effective listening and discerning questioning skills she was able to distil the main points of the message and get to the heart of the problem, enabling me to reorder priorities. Our coaching sessions also have a strong emphasis on my accountability to myself and to her, where I need to explore my own alternatives to finding solutions. She has also helped me to understand the importance of time spent on replenishing myself in order to give of my best.


Janet’s coaching skills have definitely added value to my business and personal life and I have no doubt that she will have a positive impact on others who wish to embark on this enriching journey with her as a coach.


Sandy Burmeister, Director and Co-owner, Teachers’ Learning Centre for Early Childhood Development.          

I would like to thank Janet du Preez for agreeing to coach me over the past few months. I have known Janet for a long time and have always appreciated the depth of her wisdom and her passion for the work she does with her clients. When I needed a coach, I asked Janet and she has graciously taken the time to coach me. What I appreciate about our coaching sessions, which is part of who Janet is, is that she comes prepared, she knows where I am and how to help me get better clarity on issues and she has a book to recommend (which I appreciate as I am passionate about books).


I have gained a lot of perspective and confidence as a result of our work together. I look forward to the future and to the growth on my part.

Phumzile Booi, Board Member of Cotlands

Your subject matter expertise in the various ‘sub-fields’ of OD is solid and up to date, and I appreciated that you could help to guide the team on a content level when confusion and disagreement arose. One thing that really stood out for me, seeing that the team consisted of ‘OD professionals’, is your level of self-awareness and your vigilance about your impact on the team.  Thanks especially for that, I always have high (and sometimes possibly unrealistic) expectations of OD people when it comes to managing their own ‘dynamics’ in the way they recommend to others, so I am always delighted when an OD professional actually practices what they preach. I also valued your obvious passion for and belief in OD, and your sustained level of enthusiasm for the task we had undertaken.  You know what ‘commitment’ actually means, and stick it out if when the going gets tough. It’s also significant to me that you requested feedback from your side.  A healthy respect for the value of one’s contributions, together with a desire to improve and keep learning, is another sign for me that I’m working with a true professional.

Elke Zellmer, Past Academic Board Member, Academy for Organisational Change