TalentID Coaching 

Coaching will benefit you if you want to achieve or change something personally or professionally.  Your coach will guide you through this process with a powerful mechanism for shifting how people SHOWUP and what they get done. Our strengths-based coaching approach focuses on identifying and unleashing your innate talents to help you to get the results you want. 

TalentID Individuals

If you want to achieve a goal or to make a major change, TalentID Coaching will provide thought support and accountability to enable you to make the necessary shifts to get you what you want: Clarify your goal, understand yourself, frame and implement a plan, create a new and better future.


TalentID Leaders and Executives

What the world needs now is great leaders. You have strengths and abilities that have got you to where you are, but now you are in unchartered waters. TalentID Leadership or Executive Coaching will support you as you navigate your current challenges and move to the next level of competence.

TalentID People Practitioners

As a people practitioner, you are probably facing a whole gamut of unforeseen and new challenges. TalentID People Practitioner Coaching is specially for you, designed to provide support, help you think and plan and enable you to successfully harness and navigate change, complexity and conflict.

TalentID Teams

Teaming has always been challenging, even when teams were stable and they dealt with familiar issues. TalentID Team Coaching supports your teams as they deal with the massive changes, complexities and conflicts characterising the volatile world into which they have been thrust in 2020.

TalentID Individual Groups

TalentID Group Coaching is a fun, social, enriching and affordable way to find out about your talents and strengths and how they impact on the way you live life, make decisions and achieve great results. Figure out your purpose, make a big decision, plan a career move, find your mojo after months of navigating through fog.

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