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We believe moral values such as integrity and respect should be a given in organisations. No one with whom we want to work, wants to deal with an organisation that lacks moral fibre. Beyond solid moral principles, the values which drive our culture and way of working are:



We are purpose-driven and want to do work that matters and makes a positive difference in the world. We strive to make strategic choices and to activate them with intentionality



Diversity enables great thinking, and perspectives from all disciplines have relevance to the work that we do.


Because organisations are interdependent and systemic, we seek to ensure that the work we do is integrated into the fibre and functioning of each client’s system.


We are committed to fostering and practising collaboration, strategic partnering and co-creation, transferring skills as we do so.


In the current rapidly emerging and unpredictable business environment, it is vital that we are able to help our clients to navigate the dramatic uncertainties and opportunities which they encounter.


Our choice is to act as thinking partners, assisting our clients to ask and answer powerful questions as they figure out the new business environment. There are no text-books. We have to engage our leadership minds.


We are passionate about the learning journey and personal and organisational growth. We believe that the absence of growth guarantees stagnation and death.


The principles of complexity require us to ensure that all our work is emergent and takes cognisance of change – internal and external, individual and organisational.


Whilst we integrate many common leadership, human capital and organisational development theories, our work is particularly founded on 3 cornerstones.

Dynamic Engagement Framework

Optimal contribution follows optimal engagement which we equate to organisational and personal investment. Engagement is a highly individualised concept and our proprietary Dynamic Engagement Framework© provides a useful sense-making frame for exploring engagement, culture and performance gaps, the challenges which exacerbate them and the leadership choices which result in positive change.

Greatness Canvas

The Greatness Canvas is our transformational roadmap. Once a strategy has been established, we use the Canvas to enable individuals, teams and organisations to navigate a developmental journey, which focuses on the drivers which are most relevant to their objectives and customised to their unique issues, goals and environment.

Strengths Assessment

We prefer to include a powerful assessment in all our strategic interventions which identifies the innate talents and wiring of role players. The results of this assessment quickly identify the vulnerabilities (mismanaged strengths) which are often the root of workplace challenges, as well as the strengths available for development and progress. Understanding genuine weaknesses and developing strategies for managing these, is also a vital part of the process. When people understand themselves and each other, they can begin to lead and develop beliefs, values, thoughts, emotions, actions and relationships to achieve outstanding, sustainable results. 

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